Pecan Street Inc.

Pecan St logo rowcomColin Rowan has served as the primary communication consultant for Pecan Street Inc. since its inception in 2008. In addition to general messaging strategy support, he was the lead author of the group’s 2010 report of recommendations and manages all of the group’s regional, industry and national media outreach.


Environmental Defense Fund

EDFEDF has been a client on-and-off since Colin formed Rowan Communication in 2007. Projects include support for EDF campaigns, such as EDF’s clean energy and natural gas programs, and Share the Gulf, which brought together hundreds of chefs, business owners and commercial fishermen to push for better rules for fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico. Colin has conducted presentation and storytelling workshops for various EDF programs and helps with messaging and writing.


RowCom Burke Logo@2xFor 40 years, the Burke Center was perhaps the best kept secret in East Texas. Having served as the region’s community provider of mental health, developmental disability and early childhood intervention services, the organization wanted to prepare for change in the health care market and become East Texans’ first choice when they need help. That meant a new brand identity, new language, a new website and a new approach to communication.

The Catalyst Project

Catalyst Project LogoLaunched in 2008, The Catalyst Project urged Texas lawmakers to support the clean energy industry in the 2009 state legislature. The project’s deliverable, a white-paper culled from two dozen interviews with clean energy and economic development experts, helped set the tone at the Capitol and according to some insiders stood as the best articulation of Texas’ catbird position as the clean energy capital of the U.S.

The Goodman Center

Colin has worked with Andy Goodman of The Goodman Center since 2002. Goodman specializes in non-profit communication and is among the nation’s best-known “storyteller” experts. Colin partners with Andy on select clients and co-presents many seminars, workshops and trainings, including the 2006 training of 1,000 “citizen presenters” of Al Gore’s Climate Project.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

NMSSNMSS has a bold mission: to stop MS. Yet some of its best stories were not being heard. Colin helped focus the organization’s pitch as it prepared for a massive campaign to raise money for research.

Hill Country Conservancy

Hill Country Conservancy LogoThe Hill Country Conservancy’s mission is to protect 50,000 acres from development over Central Texas’s sensitive Edwards Aquifer. The goal is ambitious, and growth in Central Texas is generating a strong sense of urgency. Colin helped HCC tap into a deep reservoir of landowner, advocate and citizen stories to bring its appeal to life. He also helped HCC with constituency building and marketing outreach campaigns.