The Dr. Evil of message

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David Roberts of Grist has a great post about Richard Berman, a spin doctor who could easily run for World’s Worst Person.

I’ve written about Frank Luntz before. He’s the word guy that invented The Death Tax (the estate tax), Responsible Energy Exploration (drilling) and the idea that there is scientific doubt about global warming. Bad, but smart.

Berman’s worse.

Robert’s piece includes details of Berman’s latest target, people that oppose fracking. But it also includes some amazingly evil attacks on the Humane Society and outdoorsman groups that dared to support Obama.
Most instructive, however, are the seven guidelines Berman outlined in a speech to a room of energy executives.

(Spoiler alert, you will feel dirty after reading them.)

You can see the condensed list in Roberts’ Grist piece. Or you can go straight to the source and read the transcript.

Whichever you choose, answer this: As you fight for your cause — hunger, the environment, access to healthcare, women’s rights — will you do or say ANYTHING to beat the enemy? I didn’t think so. And that’s why we lose so often. It’s hard to win morally these days, isn’t it?

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